Koktuli River

The Koktuli River is one of the headwaters of the Nushagak River drainage. From its humble beginnings in the tundra covered foothills to the cottonwood and spruce forested lowlands where it joins the Mulchatna River, the Koktuli winds for some 50 miles as it transforms from a narrow, shallow high country “crick” to a wider, deeper true Alaskan River. The aforementioned Nushagak River is world renowned for the fact it hosts the largest run of wild King (Chinook) Salmon on the Globe. Huge schools of salmon have been observed in the lower Koktuli river not far from where it flows into the Mulchatna, and when water conditions are right they move up into the Koktuli providing some of the finest small water angling for big fish available in Alaska. Resident rainbows and grayling abound in the river as well for those who enjoy dry fly action the grayling can keep you entertained all day but go deep with streamers and egg patterns later in the year for rainbows.

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